Specialized Laboratory & Teaching Staff

Kontoroussis-Karageorge, Anna, M.Sc. 1981, Florida State University
Education Specialist, 1983, Florida State University (on sabbatical 2006-2007)
Instructor of English; EFL & ESP (psychology)
Research interests: Material development and teaching methodology of EFL/ESP to psychology university students in Greece.
E-Mail: annakk@uoc.gr
Tel: +30 28310 77531
Kandylis, Georgios, B.Sc. 1998, (Electronics) Technological Institute of Piraeus
M.Sc. 1999, (Data Communication Systems) Brunel University
B.Sc. 2002, (Psychology) University of Crete
M.Sc. 2009, (Brain & Mind) University of Crete
Research Interests: Electrinic & Computer Infrastructure and Behavioral Analysis.
Systemic Counseling and Psychotherapy. Member of European Family Therapy Association (EFTA).
E-Mail: gkandylis@uoc.gr 
Tel: +30 28310 77539